Day 5 – Monday, Nov. 5 Health Activist Soapbox. #NHBPM

National Health Blog Post Month

Soap Box: [Wish Soap bottles]
Chato Stewart: [falling holding mic and mega-phone
Caption: Mental Health Activist Soapbox of today.

The National Health Blog Post Month for today is “A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech”, says one wikipedia page.  Yet, I got to thinking that the only thing I’ve ever seen close to a soap box still made today is a milk crate. I’m 41 and I have NEVER seen a soap box.  So, this expression of using a soapbox to speak shouldn’t be used anymore cause it’s very dangerous!!!  Yes, standing on top of a bunch of Wisk bottles could get you up Off Your Soap Box real quick, and could land you in the hospital.  Well that is what could happen in my concrete thinking.



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