Day 15 – Thursday, Nov. 15 Why healthcare companies (or healthcare professionals) should use social media. #NHBPM

 Why healthcare professionals should use social media
Chato Stewart: {video chating with therapist}
iPod Video Chat with Therapist: “Chato, let’s Avoid criticizing, blaming and complaining that’s not going to get your session bill paid…”
Caption:  The Final Frontier: Social Media Therapy

Days 15 of the We Go Health blog Party’s is the half way point of this monthly long blog party…  I am having fun and I hope you are enjoying my interpretation of the daily We Go Health topic suggestions/promps via The Family Stew cartoon series.   The question for today is, ” Why healthcare professionals should use social media”?  The simple answer MIGHT BE that they can bill for longer sessions with out ever leaving their house.  Therapy to-go!


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