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Dr Bobs Elective Couch Patato therapy-National Health Blog Post Month
Joan Winifred: What-cha doing about Dr.Bob’s Elective Couch Potato Therapy Bill?
Chato Stewart: Blog about Him?!?
Caption: The Internet – The Great Leveling Field

In 1986 I had a problem with a Boston restaurant… The Problem?  Well to save you from being too grossed out, I will just tell you it involved a cockroach.  YUCK!  back then all I could do was complain to the restaurant owner who assured me “they have never had a problem with cockroaches before.” Every restaurant, I’ll repeat that,  every restaurant in the Boston area has at one time or another had an issue with cockroaches. That’s why the restaurants spray frequently for bugs. I worked at a few restaurants in Boston and I would not even eat at their site knowing what was going on behind in the kitchen. It’s like the show Restaurant Impossible. If you ever watch it, you see almost every restaurant deals with or has some type of bug issue.

Now back then like I said before, all I could do was complain to one person, who didn’t even offer to take care my bill or make any attempt to reassure me this problem would NOT happen again. I would never know if it happened again because I never went back! I told a few of my friends about this issue and they didn’t frequent the restaurant again either. In total maybe five people found out about this gross incident and that was the end of the story.

Today with the INTERNET, there are sites to go to and review restaurants, or professionals like therapists and psychologists and not just one person finds out, but thousands could be privy to important information. It’s manic word-of-mouth. Remember to wield the power of the Internet with caution because it is a two-edge sword.

Now about Dr. Bob’s couch potato therapy…I love it!  I just can’t afford it.


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