Day 11 – Sunday, Nov. 11 Anatomy Post. Re-label an anatomy picture with new names/descriptions for your body parts. #NHBPM

The Anatomy of This Bipolar - National Health Blog Post Month
Bipolar Anatomy: Glossy-Dim Alert Eyes, Semi-apathetic Smile, Topical T-shirts, Drug-induced Tremors, Well Nourished Waistline, Orthopedic Water Retaining Shoes.
Caption: Anatomy of this Bipolar

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Bipolar Disorder

Eleven days into We Go Health’s National Health Blog Post Month blog party and we get to blog about anatomy!  Well, in this case changing the name of our anatomy.  I thought about it for a few days before I drew this cartoon.  Most of my “new Anatomy” terms were too harsh and blunt but here are the “G” rated version and I think you may get a giggle out of one of the new terms.


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