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Advice for Dealing with Negative Feedback and Comments #NHBPM

Day 14 – Wednesday, Nov. 14th Advice for dealing with negative Feedback/Comments. #NHBPM

Advice for dealing with negative comments
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Caption: Advice For Dealing with Negative Feedback

Days 14 of the We Go Health blog Party’s can touch you to the very bone of your self-confidence. Nobody likes not to be liked by people they care for or care about. It doesn’t feel good when you get negative feedback or comments that are meant to hurt and degrade you. Call them “HATERS”, “TRASH TALKERS” or just plain mean people who get their jollies out of tearing you apart with their negative comments and feedback. Whether it is online social media or e-mails or other digital venues or even more personable, saying things right to your face…How you handle it can affect your mood dramatically. Having the right tools to handle it will increase your joy exponentially.

Turn The Negative into A Positive

How do you reverse the polarity of negative people? I do know the poison of negativity.  Negative emotions environments can wreak havoc on one’s personal life.  But I’m talking today about something as simple as a negative comments verbally, or electronically via text, e-mail, tweets or wall posts.

If you’re a blogger, then you know that you’re going to get your share negative people. It’s to be expected and it’s to be accepted. Yes sometimes negative people can leave negative comments that sound mean and unthoughtful. What happens next can be overwhelmingly joyful. You see instead of taking on the bull by the horn and writing your reply to tear this so-and-so a part for daring to question you, something special could happen and normally does. Yes, one of your regular readers might be inspired to come to your defense and rip this negative person apart. You see that’s how I regard negative comments, as an opportunity to let others shine. Yes, what they say could hurt, but normally people don’t know the real you online.  And it’s only small minded people that are out to try to distort your positivity, you can’t let them get to you.


If we learned one simple move to avoid negativity and negative comments, it would be simply to “duck”…Or avoid negative people.  Another way we can be like a Duck is to allow negative comments to roll right off our backs. Have you ever seen a duck soaking wet? Know the water rolls off his back because of the oil on the feathers…That oil for us is positivity.

The next time you get some negative comments or feedback just be a duck not a smuck!  Remember, you can always Google them!


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Advice for Dealing with Negative Feedback and Comments #NHBPM

Chato Stewart

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