Day 20 – Tuesday, Nov. 20 “A Mental health moment I regret…” #NHBPM A Mental Health choice I Regret making most

Chato Stewart’s Box: A health choice I Regret: Once I believed I was cured and came off my Bipolar meds. I was living 2 years of the walking dead.
Caption: The Walking Dad

Twenty daily cartoons for the National Health Blog Post Month (#NHBPM) at blog party @WEGOHEALTH and now get we to regret.  Living with a mental illness, there is one thing we have a lot of:  regret and guilt. It can be debilitating and burdensome all on its own. Guilt and regret can even be the underlining factor of the depression and anxiety.

When I looked over the suggestion/prompt for today “A Mental health moment I regret” I had a hard time trying to narrow down which regret I could write about. While there are many things I could of written about, I thought The Walk DAD cartoon above would make the point across.

It’s a spin on the T.V. Show “The Walking Dead” with me being a zombie for over two years, lost in my illness and losing touch with reality. All because I came off my medications and went untreated.  For months I was a danger and was getting more dangerous to myself and others as the weeks passed. My emotions and mood swings were all over the map.  That’s when I knew I needed to get help for my family and for me.



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