Did you know Psych Central has an online test you can take for depression?

Depression Test
For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with depression, and to track your depressive feelings over time; take the test.

It’s a tool to help “DETERMINE” if you might be depressed. Just a “tool” to help you see “if you may need to see a mental health professional for diagnosis
and treatment of depression.”
For example, here is one of the questions, “have I lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important to me?”

Now I’m not a shrink, but I think this may be the only question you really need to answer…Come on if you have ‘LOST INTEREST IN’ >>>LIFE” chances are YOU MIGHT BE Depressed!

If you have been skipping taking a shower for the last 3 months…chances are YOU MIGHT BE Depressed.

If you know what Fluoxetine, Paroxetine or Escitalopram are then… chances are YOU MIGHT BE Depressed.

Depression is serious and there is hope! Humor can help cheer you up a bit…The following cartoons are meant to be tools to help “DETERMINE” if you might be depressed…IF you laugh at one of them, you might be depressed. If you think they are all stupid and dumb, then you are depressed and now so am I… Jerk! 🙂

Depression Sucks! | Mental Health Humor

Depression Sucks

The Hygiene of Depression… It Stinks | Mental Health Humor

The Hygiene of Depression... It Stinks

2011  Mental Health humor depression glass

Top 5 Things To Do If You THINK You’re Depressed (Cartoons)

Depression Test Cartoons by Chato B. Stewart

Good Mental Health It’s More Then Just A Pill

Just Give Me The Drugs! Reduce Depression

  Medication Management.”


PS, I scored a 59 on the test -” 54 & up Severe depression”… I’m not only 4th on the list of Top 10 Online Influencers Depression at Sharecare but I’m also a client.