Sooner or later every bully meets their match

Carbamazepine 300 mg: Oh god… Please don’t hurt me!  We didn’t mean to make fun of your 10 milligrams dosage.
Depakote 500 mg: >>> K.O’ed!!
Caption: Sooner or later every bully meets their match

While reading the post about “Bullies More Likely to Have Mental Disorder” I could not help to think about my own experience with being bullied.  For me, my world changed when my Bipolar father had a fist fight with my mother’s father.  That lead to a police eviction from my grand parents home and the only home I knew.  After a few months bouncing from motel to motel, we ended up in the projects.  It wasn’t long before I was getting beat up.

It was my father that had no mercy for my acting up and in time I would look towards the fighting with the local kids over getting the belt from my father.  While I never really fit into the group I was not one to back down either.  I lost a lot of fights a number of them to girls too (project chicks are tough, too) for a while and I learned to “take a punch”.    When I did finally stand my ground and fought back against my bully, I acted recklessly and in fear throwing a rusty 3′ bent piece of rebar at him… It was like throwing a tire iron at some 5 feet away from you.

The bullying stopped and my new nic-name became Psycho-Stew.  I do not think violence should be the way children deal with bullies.  Yet, for some bullies, that is what it might take for them to wake up.  Others will never learn.  So in this way, I have to agree with bullies having a mental disorder of some kind.



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