To me “Gut This” personalities are the peer/people who fall into the “snap-out-of- it” clan of perception. They can be family, friends, work-mates and even we ourselves who look at mental health as a simple problem with simple answers. They believe with a little information they can fix anything…cause they GUT THIS! They can fix the problem on their own and don’t need help! Or worse, they’re in denial that there is a problem. Or even more destructive is that the “Gut This” personality type recognizes that there are mental health problems but believe they don’t need help…They say in effect, “I’m good, I GUT THIS under control.”

This is like telling someone who is having an asthma attack that they are fine, all they have to do is run around and take deep breaths! NO, that is not going to make things better, it makes it worse! Don’t just read over a pamphlet on your diagnosis of mental illness and think you “GUT THIS”cause you don’t and others will suffer till you figure it out.

 The Family Stew - Memorable Father Daughter Moments I GUT THIS

My Precious: >>>CRYING for your lost Butterfly<<<<
DAD – Chato Stewart: [Reaching as hard as he can to catch the butterfly that is in the zoo’s bear cage.] I Gut this!
Caption: Memorable Father Daughter Moments



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