I love to fish. The problem is sometimes you never know what you’re going to catch!  True story: One time my son caught a huge 5 pound skateboard!  No that’s not a type of fish. It was a real skateboard that must of rolled off the dock.  He snared it, I cleaned it up and he used it for years.

While finding a skateboard in the water is strange, finding medication in the water is much more worrisome.

Many years ago, I remember reading about Prozac-contaminated drinking water; a result of the once recommended practice of flushing unused medication down the toilet. Unfortunately, this method of medication disposal is still being practiced today. Bill Pannell, water utilities superintendent for the city of Cleburne shines some light on the affects that this practice can have on our water:

“Many years back there was an area here in the United States involving an aquatic species. Birth control pills in the wastewater were going into this body of water,” Pannell said. “The estrogen was affecting the fish and their behavior. When they were laying eggs, the eggs were not full.” – Proper medication disposal can decrease abuse.

Later this week, I’ll be brining about 10 pounds of medication I’ve collected over the years down to the Fire-station to dispose of properly. What do you do with your unused meds?  Please don’t tell me you sell them, since that is illegal!!!

2012 Mental Health Humor - Something tells me this aint a cartoon about fishing by Chato Stewart


Bobby: {HUGE SMILE caught a pill}
DAD: [caught the TRUTH]
Caption:  Something tells me this aint a cartoon about fishing !



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