DBSA Positive 6 Cartoons enter into its 5th month for the “Bodies in Motion Challenge.”  As you may recall, I’ve had the honor and privilege of being the cartoonist for the 6 months of challenges. Each month, I’ve enjoyed drawing the  DBSA Positive 6 cartoon via my Family Stew series.  If you followed along, you will see me in each cartoon interpreting that month’s challenge. I really LOVE August’s New Connections Challenge cartoon with  me inviting my “inner skeptic”– my “inner voice”– my “inner critic” and my “inner child” to a party.

This month I got to be more playful with the September “Bodies in Motion Challenge.”  Now just for the record, that is not me knocking down the poor elderly woman… She is crawling and the other walkers are sweating and exhausted while I skate on by… Bipolar Style! 🙂

(Please read over The DBSA “Positive Six Campaign” blog post. Then check out JUNE: Positive Change Challenge and the JULY – Give It a Try Challenge .)

PS. I call this Post “Sexy Bodies In Motion” only cause we have a new blog editor Dan who wants our blog titles to “POP” and be eye-catching… Nothing more eye catching than “SEXY”!

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