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Styrofoam: The Doctor Says I’m not a NUT!  He told me my moods are psychosomatic projections of my situational mis-beliefs.

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We don’t like it, but it’s a fact of life: REJECTION!  It could be as simple as my rejection letter below or as complicated as one person rejecting another in a relationship. Whatever the case, rejection stinks. When you have low self esteem, rejection becomes confirmation for your feelings of self-worthlessness.

What can you do to not let rejection affect your mood?

I don’t recommend acting with an ambivalent attitude, such as agreeing with the rejection then rejecting it. Rather, we need to become thick-skinned and not let it bug us. Life is full of rejection. You can be rejected for a job, rejected for a credit card, rejected from a crush or even rejected for submitting your cartoons to a publication that was asking for your work, but then later decides they have too many submissions.

Whatever the case, rejection can be a trigger. So handling it well is an important part of life! Fear of rejection is when mental health becomes part of the equation. If we let the fear of anything stop us from every day activity, then it’s that anxiety that will hold us hostage. I had the Phobia: Fear Of Balloons (Globophobia) for years. The fear kept me away from something as harmless as a balloon. Fear of being rejected by people is a phobia we need to get over. We can’t let stuff like my rejection letter below affect our thinking.

How you handle rejection says a lot about your mental state. If you’re like me and you’re ticked off when you’ve taken the time and effort to submit something like a poem, artwork or batch of 25 cartoons to a mental health organization to use for “free” only to have your work tossed off like it’s worthless, you’re not a lone.

Alas here is a fact, I get rejected all the time! Yes the rejection letter below is far from my first and will be far from my last. So how do I handle rejection?  Honestly, besides writing a blog about it or drawing a cartoon on the subject–I just TRY to let it roll off my back. I learned a long time ago that life is full of rejection and many times what others reject, many others will accept with open arms.  JUST LET IT GO AND MOVE ON.

I also say THANK YOU to all my readers who have never sent me a rejection letter like the one below.

Thank you Chato Stewart so much for your recent submission to ******* Expressions!

Unfortunately, we are not able to fit nearly as many contributions into the newsletter as we would like, and we were not able to include your submission.  However, we will keep the electronic copy of your submission, and it may be included in future ******** publications.  If this is the case, we will inform you of the use of your artwork or writing.

If you have not turned in a submission form for your artwork or writing already, please do so to ensure that your contribution will be considered for future publications.  If you submitted work on behalf of someone else, please forward this information to them.

Once again, thank you so much for your submission!  Remember, you may send in as many submissions as you want, and we are always looking for artwork and writing to use on our website and in our publications.


************* Communications


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