Having A Near-Death Experience Have you ever stopped taking your medication against your doctor’s advice? (or stopped without consulting your doctor?)  I have and it almost cost me my life.

Why do people stop taking their meds??? Is it due to Medication Side-Effects?  Are Psych Meds A Necessary Evil?  Do people stop because of Sexual Dysfunction, or is it due to weight-gain or too much WEIGHT LOSS?

Do the Horrors Of Medications make you want to stop?  Or do you see the real value of staying compliant and fighting through the side-effect to give the meds a chance to work? That got me wondering. So I created a poll.  Let me know what you think.

Stopping Medication and Having A Near-Death Experience cartoon by Chato Stewart

Death: So, I hear You’re planing on Stopping your meds…

Caption: Stopping Medication and Having A Near-Death Experience


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