RIP- Milton Hill –  Police Shoot 46 Times, Killing Mentally Ill Man in Saginaw, Michigan.

This story has a video connected to it, but I don’t recommend watching it… MAJOR TRIGGER!  I can’t write about it; it’s too emotionally disturbing and I’m just way too upset to talk about it.  All I could do was draw.

I hope one of the other bloggers here at PsychCentral can give this story real justice.  There should never be a reason to shoot anyone 46 times. Mr. Hill made the fatal error – you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Here is the CNN Link — again, I don’t recommend you watch the video, but read the story.

Shooting Range sign: Saginaw Michigan Crisis Intervention Team Training
Message: <<<< RIP Milton Hill >>>>>
Caption: Reason #46 to Visit Saginaw: Low Mental Illness ratio


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