2012 Mental Health Humor - Home Cure - mcdermott Social Cues - Get a Pencil- by Chato Stewart 128“Social cue is a psychological term used to describe the non-verbal hints to guide conversation.” 

This is now one of my favorite cartoons I’ve drawn! Yes, it’s a “Jeux de mots” (French for “play on words”). I wish I could see your reaction, so I can gauge your social cues on how you like the cartoon. If it’s a puzzled facial reaction, then your social cue would tell me you don’t get the joke. Rolling your eyes would indicate to me you think the gag is too simplistic. If that is the case, you may want to read over my last post (Superiority Theory).

There are a few play-on-words within the cartoon, including references to pool and billiard cues. Players and Mcdermott are two of the best pool cues manufactured, so is Cuetec. People who play pool might pick up on this joke.

Pool and billiard halls are a great environment for testing out your social cue skills. You have to be able to be social and keep your cool along with maintaining your focus, trying to remember the algebra and the physics of billiards. Yes, there is real math in pool and you learn things like angular velocity (top spin), velocity vectors (combination shot), tangential velocity (angle shot)…or you could just hit the cue ball as hard as you can and hope a ball drops into a pocket.

How you play gives away many social cues, too.  Are you a player? (Yes, that’s a double entendre.)2012 Mental Health Humor - Home Cure - mcdermott Social Cues - Get a Pencil- by Chato Stewart

Tan Pool Cue Stick 1: Mcdermott you “PLAYER”! let me take a pic to post on twitter.
Black Player Pool Cue:1)
Tan Pool Cue Stick 1: Send it to me so I can post it on my Facebook account.
Pink  Cuetec Cue Stick: Oh, “Pin It” for me too… Thx
Caption: Social Cues


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