OverMedicated, Over-Medicated - Dangers of Labeling

 Dangers of Labeling Labels hurt. We are surrounded by them and we even use them ourselves sometimes without thinking about it. They can be self-defeating thoughts.

For example, when I stepped on the scale the other day and saw that I gained weight after a 45-day bout with a depressive episode…My first thought was I was a “fat, disgusting pig” and that “I was worthless for even thinking I could lose any wight.”

Dangers Of Labeling: You’re STEW-PID

I’m not worthless! At least not all the time, anyway. Throughout my childhood my father called me many different names…the one that hurt the most was being called stupid when he compared me to other children. “What’s wrong with you, are you stupid or something?” or, “You have to be the dumbest S.O.B.”  My favorite was when he would call me names in front of my friends – good times, good family memories!

The end result was I believed him. All I ever wanted was his approval, his commendation, his love… all I ever got was his abuse, his belt and his rage.

OverMedicated, Over-Medicated - Dangers of Labeling

Over-medicated Bipolar Meds Bottle : [covered with warning labels]

Caption: Dangers Of Labeling

Dangers Of Labeling: Top 3 Things to Avoid

Thinking of my “dysfunctional childhood,” I came up with 3 Dangers Of Labeling:

  1. Use people first language.  Avoid self-labeling. You are not Bipolar.  You have/live with Bipolar.
  2. Avoid the stereotypical labeling, i.e. “I’m crazy, I’m nuts, schizo…” Make a personal stand to change your terminology.  And don’t let others get away with it.
  3. Apply the Golden RULE and AVOID pigeon-holing people in gender class, race class, rich or poor, smart or dumb.



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