2012 Mental Health Humor - Living With Bipolar Emoticons Flowchart - by Chato Stewart

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Bipolar Disorder

What Emoticon best describes YOU at this moment in time?

It’s tough living with Bipolar Disorder. My moods fluctuate rapidly at times (I am not complaining, just explaining), but I am not alone and neither are you. Everyone has something in their life that makes it tough for them personally!

You know your personal pain. You know how to best explain what you face on a daily basis. You know what brings relief. You know what positive coping skills to employ. You know what negative coping mechanisms to avoid (from past experience)!  Knowledge is power. (Power to act, decide and change.)

You know why you are at this point in your life. Think about it. Analyze what brought you here – your “present” emoticon. Honest self-evaluation serves a useful purpose; have you put to paper your own personal flowchart?! Is it high-level, detailed or matrix? If you like your present emoticon, what do you need to do to stay here? If you don’t like it, what do you need to do to reach a different emoticon? (Most people want happiness in life.)

Caption: Living With Bipolar Emoticons Flowchart

Be careful about choices. Each emoticon has significance and consequence! Our troubles, our trials and our triumphs are learning experiences that help us mature, change and grow…for the better if we let them. Mapping out our moods & goals could lead to finding an algorithm for stability & success.

Taking responsibility for our daily emoticons is courageous. One dictionary definition of courage: “the attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it.”  Take courage!  🙂

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