2012 Mental Health Humor - ICSI Indian Crime Scene Investigation - by Chato Stewart  in Gary Larson Style cartoon  100I want to apologize, it turns out I got a little too emotional in my post that included this cartoon I did with the title: Gary Larson in a Nutshell – Remembering Paul Boyd.

The post made it seem like Gary Larson didn’t care what happened to Paul Boyd and it was wrong on my part to impute bad motives without having accurate knowledge of the real situation or how he really felt.  Mr. Larson ,I offer my deepest heartfelt apology.

The post became some what of a rant and took away from the cartoon I drew and the genius that is Gary Larson.  I admire and love reading Gary Larson‘s cartoons. So with me off my soapbox, I wanted to repost the cartoon I drew that is neither a copy or reprint of any of Gary Larson’s previous work.

This is a Chato Stewart original drawn in the style of Gary Larson.  Yes, it’s just a cartoon influenced by my love of Mr. Larson’s work!

To Gary Larson, thank you for making me smile!

Crazy Horse: Hmmm, Running Bull find hair… Me need’em DNA test kit.

Title: ICSI – Indian Crime Scene Investigation


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