Special investigative report: Get to Know the REAL Chato Stewart behind the Mental Health Humor Cartoons

He says he is a father! He says he is an activist!  He says he can’t draw! But what do we really know about Mr. Chato B. Stewart?  Not a lot, except for some mysterious reason this cartoonist gives away his cartoons free to mental health activist groups and peers!

Now, get to know who he really is!  Yes, get to know THE REAL CHATO STEWART.

Here is an independent report that captures the real Mr. Stewart. Make sure you turn up the volume on your speakers; so you can hear what this meek, mild and soft spoken cartoonist has to say about his cartoons and his life.

Chato Stewart’s words are so moving that we recommend you do not watch this video if you have heart issues or if you have any HOT or sharp objects in your hand.  Watch at your own risk!

Only one month before the 2012 Cartoon-A-Thon for Mental Health Heroes.  Are you a mental health hero?  Find out how you can be part of this year Mental Health Awareness month’s cartoon-a-thon at Mental Health Heroes.