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Weight-Loss: Mind – Body and Cannibalism (Part 3)

Chato and the bottle of Slender GR 150In the last two blog posts, I talked about getting our mind and our body conditioned to a weight loss program –  NOT a diet. Everyone has been “going green” these days. You may think going green is about helping to save the world and the environment.

But for my purposes, I’m going green. Yes, I’m going green like asparagus and broccoli only so I can eat them up! If we want to lose weight and maintain a healthy mind and body, we need to do one thing… EAT LIVING FOOD!

I’ve been reading a new book from author Harvey Diamond. He is co-author of the international best seller, Fit For Life, which transformed the world’s understanding of healthy living – not to mention, sold over 13 million copies. Harvey Diamond’s new book, Eat For Life, has helped me look at food differently. Mr. Diamond refers to two types of food groups; not proteins, not fats, not dairy and not starches. No, he makes it so simple that even I can understand it…two categories: Living and Dead!

You want to lose weight…feel better…have more energy and live a long, HEALTHY life? Eat more living FOOD then DEAD food! – Eat For Life

Weight-Loss: Cannibalism

I’m working on replacing 40% to 50% of my meals with raw-living-food! I believe this process is helping me. Besides, did you ever see an obese Cannibal? I was so encouraged after I shared my weight-loss goals on Facebook that Harvey Diamond himself commented on my progresses:

“Hey Chato, sounds like you’re doing really great and have a fabulous attitude (always important). So happy for you–I wish you continued success.

Harvey-Diamond image4Harvey Diamond You hang in there brother. With your obviously indomitable attitude, success is practically assured!
Chato and the bottle of Slender GR 150 image5Chato B Stewart Thanks so much for your encouragement Mr. Diamond! My I call you Harvey? Well, last night I read chaper4 and today I started reading Chapter 5 – about the perfect food! I should of read it before i eat all the strawberry with my fish. I’m sure you will get into more as I read but having diabetes type 2 I found my sugar/glucose spiked with the more fruit (live food) I add to my daily diet. I see on page 119 you cover the guidelines… but the concept of eating “fruit correctly” am just starting to wrap my head around… any suggestions?
Harvey-Diamond  image6Harvey Diamond Yes, finish Chapter 5–my all time favorite chapter from the 9 books I’ve written. It will explain everything to you and discusses diabetes as well. And yes, I would prefer it if you called me Harvey.

I have been following Harvey’s recommended food combinations and taking Slender GR (it’s an all natural, stimulant-free supplement) that covers the digestion of all the other dead food I eat and is helping me with my blood sugar. Gosh, I was such a Zombie, eating all that dead meat – as you can see in my before and after pics (above) while on the Slender GR study. I wrote about it on the BP Hope blog. I lost a total of 13 lbs. last month. While this month is starting off a bit rocky, my resolve has not changed–I’m going to be a loser for sure! Um, hey wait a minute, that didn’t come out right… let me delete it… WAIT, don’t hit PUBLISH….DOH! I’m a Loser– of weight that is! 😉

So, join me in my asparagus green cannibalistic attitude towards weight loss. As of today, I’m down 24 pounds and my self-esteem is moving UP! Yet, it’s not the weight I’m working on, it’s the lifestyle of eating healthy. I CAN maintain my body and my mind!


LoL I wrote this on the 12th and today is the 15th and I just stepped on the scale… my new weight… 353 pounds!  That makes it 27 pounds since January 1, 2012!

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Weight-Loss: Mind – Body and Cannibalism (Part 3)

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