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T.V. Show: Nose Pick’en IDOL

Score: Judge one: 6, Judge two: 10, Judge three: 5

Caption: Two Finger ROCKSTAR Nose Picker

In my last post, I told you I started the “Nose Pick’en Idol series back in 2007.  Why did I wait so long before I published it?  Well, first. because the cartoon is made up of  20 different components/cartoons just to make one cartoon.  I drew out each caricature separately and different parts of the stage along with with each judge. It’s more of a puzzle than one cartoon. I inked and scanned each part in and slowly cleaned up each image. By the time I was done with the stage and the judges American Idol was over.

The Magazine I was going to try and sell them to, “Bonkers,” rejected my first 12 cartoons of “Da Stew-Pid world” but they encouraged me to keep sending them more.  I felt dejected and pissed so I put the cartoons in a file and forgot about them till Saturday, February 4th.

I was down and a bit depressed on the 4th. I was able to get out of the mild depression by drawing and finishing “Nose Pick’en Idol.”  Yeah, I procrastinate a bit!  The 5 cartoons are now homage to guys.  Let’s call it…gross week!

Please note these cartoons are not making fun of Rhinotillexomaniana, rather showing the lighter side of nose picking that every one, including me, has done it from time to time.  see: Constructive Tips for Rhinotillexomaniana – Also Known as Compulsive Nose Picking







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