Mental Health Humor Cartoon By Chato StewartWhen I was drawing the “Nose Pick’en Idol” cartoons, I couldn’t help but think of my family. In my last post, I mentioned my grandfather. His name was Luis Couco, 100% Italian. He would carry a handkerchief everywhere, but like I said before, he would never use it.

Could my curiosity with the inner nose itch be hereditary?  I thought about that some more today. I was surprised to find a picture of my father’s father digging in deep for the old, green gold.

 Mental Health Humor -Senior Citizen Retirement Home Hobby Nose Picker - by Chato Stewart
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T.V. Show: Nose Pick’en IDOL

Score: Judge one: 10, Judge two: 10, Judge three: 10

Caption: Senior Citizen Retirement Home Hobby Nose Picker

Why is it senior citizens can get away with picking their nose and making other sounds that we don’t get to?  It’s simple: they have put their time in.  They have done the work and they can do whatever they want. Yes, senior citizens have done that job.  They can pick until their hair turns gray!

Nose Picker see: Constructive Tips for Rhinotillexomania – Also Known as Compulsive Nose Picking








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