They Voted & Chato drew them Contest 1

Jon: Hey Judith, do you think this counts as being Med compliant?

Judith: Sure Jon, Why Not… Hey they look compliant!

Title: They Voted & Chato drew them Contest 1

I need you to vote for my fan art I drew for FC2 website.  I put so much time into drawing and coloring this drawing that NOW I REALLY WANT TO WIN!  I need your vote to do it. You can vote every day.

I wanted to make this fun for my readers who vote. ONCE you vote (you must hit the BLUE vote button on the above link) comment below or on my facebook page so I can add your name to the contest.

For every 50 votes, I will draw two of the voters into an upcoming cartoon.  The cartoon above is of the first two winners Jon and Judith.  Right now, my drawing has 95 votes… Only 5 more votes and I will pick 2 more people to draw.  The more you vote, the more chances you get to win.

The above cartoon idea comes from Jon Press who suggested I “should draw us in a snowstorm feeding Prozac to the reindeer.”

Please vote for my Fan Art I drew for an Art contest:

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