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Med Bottle:  Take two of me and call me if you’re normal.

Caption: Welcome to The Road to Mental Health Recovery

Alternatives Road to Mental Health Recovery

What is an Alternatives 2011 Conference?  Each year, the US government funds a conference that gathers hundreds of Americans who are mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors, many of whom are working with peer-run services.  It is very expensive to go, and normally there are a number of sponsorships programs available.  This year there were not many at all and you had to apply early.

I was able to get enough sponsorship to get to Friday night’s Open Mic. (Please read how I bombed on stage at  Alternatives Conference: Me and the Open Mic ) Saturday, my son and I manned our booth networking with peers and handing out cartoon prints to peers at the event. I would like to THANK my son for being a big help. We had fun goofing around in our AWESOME hotel room at Alternatives 2011.  (Just wish I had the opportunity to get to more sessions.)

I got to meet so many WONDERFUL peers! I want to THANK my sponsors for helping me get to the conference for Saturday.  Enzymedica, Judith Sturm DBSA group, Dr.Grohol, Dr. Mark Pines, Amy Ebbeson, Gayle Bluebird, Ed Pazicky, The Port Charlotte Staples (Nikky, thanks for the printing of the cartoons.) and the Port Charlotte Recycle Group and everyone else that helped us get to alternatives 2011!

Here are a couple pics of two Mental Health Heroes that you may know.


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Mental Health Humor Cartoons 2011-Mental-Health-humor-You-havent-dieted-till-youve-done-the-medieval-diet-150x150.jpg Children as young as 4 can be diagnosed and treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD

Mental Health humor A Mothers Work Is Never Done2011  Mental Health humor Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself Health humor icrazy ipod iphone Magazine for Bipolar cartoon
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