Use SPAM blog Comments to Build Self-Esteem

IF ONLY…I was as smart as my comment spammer says I am!  (If you blog then you know what I mean.)  Not every comment is a good comment!  I’m not talking about my blog readers who feel compelled to comment… I LOVE those comments, good or bad.  I LOVE the fact that someone was moved enough to say something about my cartoons.  No, I’m talking about the spammers and content scrapers.  Many who never read a post and use an automated program to leave the same comment on 100’s if not 1000’s of blogs, hoping some will get by and show up on the post…It’s what’s referred to as comment spamming and an old black hat.

So, getting back to wishing I was as smart as the comments… here are a few samples:

“Outstanding post, I think people should acquire a lot from this web site its real user genial”

“It’s exhausting to search out educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you understand what you’re talking about!”

“I like this blog it’s a master piece! Glad I discovered this on google.”

Of course, some might not think these comments are spam.  However, when you see they are not from “people” but rather products or linked to scraped/stolen content from the post they are commenting on, it becomes very clear they are just a spammer trying to steal a back link to their junk website. 

If they only knew or took the time to research the blog here, they would see all the comments are “no-follow”… so, the back link they hope to get might never even be indexed by a lot of search engines.  Still, even a “no-follow”  link has some value.  That’s why they won’t give up on their spam.

That’s o.k. because all the blogs on this network use Akismet, (a blog commenting spam protection plug in).  To date, Akismet has protected my site from 17,175 spam comments already!

Still, every now and again, I like to read over the spam cause they always lay it on thick about how good you are and how awesome this blog is. With my low self-esteem, I’ll take any compliments… any way I can get them.

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