Part 3 of The Voice Of Hope Newsletter Interview with Dianne Stringer the Peer Support Coordinator, Recovery Educator at Patient/Client & Family Council in Penetanguishene, Ontario Canada.

Chato B. Stewart is one of those gems you find when Googling for information for this newsletter. He opened himself up to me recently. Turns out, this guy has some real insight and we could all learn something from his path and his laughter. Dianne Stringer

Chato B Stewart HumouristDianne: Have your cartoons always been relatively positive? If not, tell me about that.

Chato: Dianne, I started drawing the Mental Health Humor cartoons during my last vacation in the Crisis Stabilization Unit at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care in Punta Gorda, Florida in 2008. Right from the start, the cartoons were meant to be positive with a little flavor of skepticism.

My goal was to draw cartoons from the point of view of the consumer (survivor/patient). I figured, it’s about time that some cartoons focus on situations Mental Health Consumers deal with. Yet at the same time, give us a chance to laugh. Not to laugh at ourselves because we’re mentally ill… No, never, rather find humor in some of the situations we get ourselves into.

Who among us hasn’t gone to our doctor’s office and gotten into a competition conversation, in the waiting room, comparing how many meds each of us takes? Or have been on medications that stop working for one reason or another? Or tried umpteen types of therapy only to have funny things happen to you? There are times when I draw cartoons to be more poignant and not necessarily funny. I want my readers to think. Drawing cartoons in this way can help people without mental illness such as caregivers, loved ones or friends gain insight and empathy. But overall, I try to keep a balanced view when drawing my cartoons…Keeping them positive with a hint of sarcasm and maybe, a little deeper meaning to get people to think and hopefully take positive action.


Mental Health Humor Cartoons

2011  Mental Health humor Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

Mental Health humor icrazy ipod iphone

Mental-Health-humor-Equine-Therapy-For-Weight-Loss Magazine for Bipolar cartoon
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