Yes, Balance Anxiety, Fail Anger Imagination. – That does not make any sense till you read my Words Of The Wisdomeless… Then it will really confuse you.

The following quotes were all written by me, I take full responsibility for their effect on your funny bone.  Hopefully one or two will tickle it.

Words Of the Wisdomless: Anxiety
How do I know if your Anxiety is cured? If you can answer the phone without trepidation or dread because the caller ID is not working, then it’s cured… For the rest of us, we can just let the caller go straight to voicemail.

Words Of the Wisdomless: Anger
I read some where that anger is depression turned inwards. I also read that depression can make you angry. Now, what I didn’t read is how to cure depression that really tick’s me Off and boils my blood!

Words of the Wisdomless: Imagination
“It only the person who locks the door to his imagination whom has truly become closed off to possibilities that lay ahead in life.”

Words of the Wisdomless: Balance
I am well balanced… One fourth Bipolar… One fourth Depressed… One fourth PTSD… And One fourth NOS…

Words Of the Wisdomless: Yes
I’m not here for your amusement! Oh, wait, yes I am!

Words of the Wisdomless: Fail
“The assumed failure is what will hold some back, while others resign when failure is accomplished. It’s the real exceptional person that can take failure and turn it into something

Mental Health Humor Cartoons -Mental-Health-humor-Little-Tommy-could-never-REACH-his-Potential-150x150.jpg Mental Health humor A Mothers Work Is Never Done

2011  Mental Health humor Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

Mental Health humor icrazy ipod iphone Magazine for Bipolar cartoon
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