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Archives for August, 2011

2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

iPod Generation Making You iCrazy?

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Title: The age of the ipod has made me finally feel like I fit in.

iPod Generation Making You iCrazy?

The fact is we are moving full-throttle into the computer and super-technology age.  From "smart" phones to bionic body parts.  We are living in a exciting time some refer to as the information age.  Everything is at our...
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Affirmations of the Depressed

The Hygiene of Depression… It Stinks

Husband: we seem to have a surplus of hygiene products… Is there something you're not telling me?

Wife: Go Away!

Title: Depression Really Stinks

The Hygiene of It Stinks

It is no secret that the last thing you want to do when you're depressed is get out of bed. I could be embedded to my bed. Yes, we joke sometimes that the first...
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Equine Therapy For Weight Loss?

Joe: [carrying Horse on back for Equine Therapy]

Title: Equine Therapy For Weight Loss?

Equine Therapy For Weight Loss?

I was catching up on my blog reading and really enjoyed Claire Dorotik, LMFT's post on Equine Therapy For Weight Loss.

Claire tells us that "Equine therapy has been used for a wide variety of psychological and behavioral conditions,...
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