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Mental Health humor cheating deathMental Health humor PeaceLoveChato Stewart is standing with a grim and depressed look on his face. He is at work car parking and wearing a red valet vest smock.  He is standing next to a Sign that reads: [Valet Parking Attendant].  The cartoons Caption reads: "I feel so unvalidated!"

2011  Mental Health humor style Swimming with the fishes – Fish Godfather Flyin wid da birdsearthquake-and-tsunami-and-meltdown-oh-myMental Power is Disproving Darwin's Theory of "Survival of the Fittest."


Stigma – definition from Merriam-Webster online Dictionary

plural stig·ma·ta \stig-?mä-t?, ?stig-m?-t?\ or stig·mas
Etymology:Latin stigmat-, stigma mark, brand, from Greek, from stizein to tattoo —

1 aarchaic : a scar left by a hot iron : brand b: a mark of shame or discredit : stain <bore the stigma of cowardice> c: an identifying mark or characteristic; specifically : a specific diagnostic sign of a disease.

I think we all want to find acceptance for who we are as “unique” individuals and not labeled or stigmatized, branded in a negative light. Hey this is me – like me or not but don’t label me without even getting to know me!  How fair is that?  We are all unique but we all want the same things out of life: happiness, love, family! Who doesn’t want to be understood and treated fairly, justly and kindly by others?

No matter what – we are all fellow humans – mentally ill or not! Education plays a major role in stamping out stigma in any form. Learning or being taught to see beyond the obvious, what appears on the surface or to the eyes. Learning to see the “REAL” person – the inner person underneath it all. Looking for the good – anybody can see the bad and label, stereotype or stigmatize. It takes courage, compassion, and fellow feeling, empathy, sympathy, humility, (and a little Humor too) to accept that we are all a work in progress and all of us deal with one issue or another – none of us are exempt!

So, if we can learn to put up with one another, forgive one another, love one another, and help one another – treat our fellow humans: young, old, male, female, healthy or ill… in that manner, we can each do our part to stamp out stigma!

So, What do you think?


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