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Title: Charlie Sheen = Winning     Stigma= losing

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Actor Charlie Sheen is a movie star, TV Star and “Guinness Book of World Records” star (for the quickest celebrity to reach 1 million followers on twitter). As of today, he has 2 million followers on twitter… and yes, including me!

I followed Charlie, I like Charlie, I can understand Charlie, at the same time, I’m sure 90% of his followers are waiting to see what happens next!  Where is the “violent torpedo of truth” pointed at?  It’s been reported that he is Bipolar.  However, when Piers Morgan asked Charlie Sheen if he is bipolar– Charlie’s response was eloquent… “I am not bipolar, I am bi-winning.”

I’m not a doctor, but it doesn’t take a degree to see and hear the manic, euphoric, delusional state of denial Charlie seems to be in. I can see it because I’ve been there. But the difference is this, he’s a movie star!

In Hollywood, you need to have characteristics and traits that are borderline insane.  Without them you can’t be a movie star. This self-indulgence is nothing new, granted drugs have not helped. This “pink cloud” will have a silver lining… That’s Hollywood!

Charlie is capitalizing on this new found fame in the social media world.  It’s a midnight hellish ride down a highway with no lights at unmeasurable speeds. Sooner or later, with an addict and manic depressant there will be a crash.  He is without a doubt a megalomaniac. I don’t mean that in a bad way, if he can channel this “warlock energy” and into something “positive” for himself and his family, no doubt, good will come from it.

What is coming from it now?  The media is a frenzy of television interviews and commentaries!  Everybody is giving  their own opinions from Doctors to professionals of every genre. In the blog-o-sphere, bloggers are getting carpal tunnel just trying to keep up with all his antics!

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Not to mention Charlie Sheen’s own YouTube channel Sheen’s Korner  Right now there is a perpetual news feed coming from both sides. There will be a crescendo!

Charlie just tweeted:

(1-2) fastball; #SheensKorner has overall attracted 100 million views in 2 nights. Another Guinness record.

Instead of a positive outcome right now, all I seem to find are people egging Charlie on, enabling him, hoping to see a train wreck!  I hear people use terms like crazy, insane, whacked out and many other “stigmatic” terms to describe him and his behavior.

What you think? Do you think Charlie Sheen is helping reduce stigma of mental health issues?

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