Saturday, I was privileged to be a part of the “Sunshine from Darkness” symposium community resource table!  It gave me an opportunity to showcase some of my cartoons and to meet many other providers and consumers in the local area.

Although I live an hour away from Sarasota, I had to be there by 7 AM.  I knew if I could just make it…it would be an incredible day!  And yes, I did get up at five in the morning and drive there and I was “early” enough to set up my display.

To begin, I would like to thank Mike from Monarch printing, who went out of his way to print up my 2010 cartoons! The size was just perfect. So, everyone got an opportunity to get the cartoons they liked. (I was hoping to bring Joy & Laughter to this event by giving my cartoons away for free.) This is what my display looked like at 7:20 AM:

Mental Health humor's Disply Sunshine From Darkness Sarasota

I printed up two copies of my e-book so people could see a larger version of the cartoons. Also, this gave them a glimpse of what they’ll get when they sign up for my newsletter, which is a free copy of the 2010 cartoons.

(Preparation for this event was a family effort! The night before my kids worked to help separate and catalog all the cartoons to fit into three bins that you see in the front. My wife helped with the display & design…choosing & arranging particular cartoons according to subject & topic to best showcase my work.)

Mike from Monarch Printing cut up the cartoons, so they were all the perfect size to put on any desk.  When the doors opened at eight o’clock for the symposium,  I have to tell you, I was unprepared for the volume of people! My small display was “without a doubt the hottest spot to check out on the floor.”  Now, that’s not me saying that, it was Sandy from Value Options, that was helping out NAMI, Sarasota.

She told me that because of my spot more people at the event funneled to her spot.  It went the same for the Haven Drop-In center that was next to me.  The picture below was one of the only pictures I had time to take.  I was so busy talking to providers and consumers,  I wasn’t able to take many pictures.  In this picture below, I have literally been moved out of  the way, while consumers and providers were hovering around going through my cartoons and taking the ones they liked.

sunshine from darkness My table being stormed

At the end of the day, more than half the cartoons were gone and I was able to meet some incredible people!  The only disadvantage…I wasn’t able to see much of the symposium.  I even missed Dorothy Hamill!

I didn’t want to leave the booth because my neighbor had his computer on the table and I didn’t want to be responsible if someone stole it.  So, I was a little trapped at my spot but still it was an incredible opportunity. I look forward to doing another one soon.  Next, I’ll be at the Haven drop-in center in Port Charlotte….February 8th at their grand re-opening.

Maybe if I beg Mike from Monarch Printing, he’ll print me up some larger copies of  some of  the more popular cartoons.

sunshine from darkness sarasota

end of day sunshine from darkness


I am now starting to get ready for May 2011’s mental health awareness month. I’m going to do the mental health heroes again this year, drawing 31 caricatures of 31 advocates, peers, caregivers, heroes who are making a difference helping themselves and others in recovery.  If you would like to be part of this project and become a sponsor, please let me know.

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