Mental Health Humor girl on bike clipartExercise to feel well! Here’s an option: How about bike riding? We all need some motivation to get off the couch, right? Exercising (or bike riding) for a good reason that could “SAVE” yourself or someone else…now that’s motivation!!

Have you heard of the National Non-Profit Suicide Prevention Agency, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)? (And, do you remember that 1979 inspiring movie, “Breaking Away”…the teen cycling team called “the Cutters” win the Indiana University Little 500 bike race?!) Well, Patrick “Cutter”…who is a Suicide PREVENTION Advocate, is trying to cross the U.S., by bicycle, from Alaska to Florida.  His goal….Get Money to SAVE!!

If cycling from Alaska to Florida is too short of a trip, how about cycling around the world?! (Think it may take longer than “80 days” however!) A British Columbia teacher living with Bipolar Disorder, Michael Schratter, hopes to cycle 25,000 miles across 6 continents and 30 countries.

He wants to stamp out stigma surrounding Mental Illness…crossing states, countries, continents to stamp out stigma and prevent suicide!! (Talk about a goal, motivation and exercise.) I’m feeling inspired and motivated myself…but, a ride across 6 continents?! Honestly, a bit too ambitious for me…how about a trip around my neighborhood? (Locally, everyone can make a positive difference in someone’s life, right?)

Wow, I never realized my “rapid cycling” could be put to such good use…on my bike!!

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