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Bad Ideas for Mental Illness Awareness Week… Start a protest group to scare people that mentally ill people coming to get you.

How do you know if you’re at the wrong type of awareness group? Well, If someone says ‘come on guys, let’s go make people aware of the mentally ill’ and hands you a sign that says “THEY are among US” or “BEWARE of the Mentally Ill.”  Then it’s a sure bet someone just doesn’t get the point of Mental Health Week.

Here is a good idea for Mental Illness Awareness week, make a video!

Check out Dani Z’s  Video Tribute to Mental health Week.

Do you want to add a video too?

Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 3rd – 9th. What are you doing to raise awareness?

You can upload your videos to and email me the link. thedan[email protected]

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