Mental health humor indexed cartoons by Google

See What Google See: My Cartoons On Google

Today I did a little experiment on how my new blog is getting indexed. I wanted to see how Google views me and my cartoons.  It’s said “you are WHO Google says you are!”

From time to time to gauge how Google looks at me, I like to search myself… I type in “chato stewart,” and look what images are being indexed. I did a customized “site” search to see what images are indexed by Google and I was happy to see 125 cartoons and photos. What is the rank value of each image? I’m not sure, but if you do an image search for “chato” you will get a kick and good laugh when you see WHO is in the top spots….

google search for chato - I'm number one - 8-2010 Chato

Here is my Mental Health Psychology Cartoons and Photos from Psych Central Indexed by Google…  My Card

Oh, yes, the above image is my other card you can print out if you want… 🙂