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Archives for August, 2010

4 UR Mental Health

Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot 002 Test Mental Games [Video]

TIME for the "Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot Test Mental Games"!! Ink Blot #1 got some great answers!!  Also, everyone that left a comment is entered in my contest to win some I mean cool prizes!!  Hint, Hint, each time you leave a comment you will be entered too! (One entry per person per post.)

Last week a number of people saw:  Stingray, wolf, ant, horseshoe crab, and "little girl trapped inside… the middle" of the inkblot.

HERE IS my style of Rorschach INK BLOTS...
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Ask Dr. Bob Bob [Gallery 2]

Please remember Dr. Bob Bob will be out of the office till September 6th.

The NEW and IMPROVED Doc Bob Bob cartoon with all his silly advice will be back.  Until then, I will post all the past cartoons of mis-advice.  This is...
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