Continued from Which Came First — Obesity or Depression?? [Part 1]

Let’s see, before I was depressed I was a big guy…but was that because I was depressed and did not know it?!  Since Ive been taking my meds, I’ve put on weight… In 2001, I weighed in at 230.  I got help late in 2003 and now in 2010, I maxed out at 383lbs.

Yes, I have been treating my depression and yes, I’m also dealing with Metabolic Syndrome. So, could controlling my Depression (by using various medications) in actuality be “causing” Obesity and Obesity-related diseases; not eliminating them?! Maybe I should be treating/lowering the stress in my life.

What do you think??!! I think…nobody wants to be stressed, depressed or obese!!! I know…I don’t. I don’t feel “happy” or “good” about myself being obese.  It depresses me, stresses me out. I am depressed, so I am “medicated,” therefore, I am obese!! I am stressed, therefore, I eat!! It’s a vicious cycle….one I intend to break.

I want freedom!! I want to be stress-free, fat-free and depression-free! Does it really matter to me what came first in my life?? What matters to me is (and who isn’t interested in), being physically, mentally as well as emotionally and spiritually well, healthy and happy.

Ultimately, “successfully” treating together both my Obesity and Depression is equally important…that’s my missing link!!!

How do you define success?? There are different definitions…does yours make sense and does it cause less stress?! (I wonder if Ms. Needham and I read the same dictionary??) I wonder if “successful” people are…skinny and stressed or Obese and Depressed?! What comes first: success, stress or size; the road, the chicken or the egg?! How do I cross the road to the “freedom” side?! I cannot take the stress, I am asking for directions (and a small snack.)