Mental-health humor cartoon comics by chato stewart about depression bipolar getting out of bed image

Woman: Look who it is!!!

Man: I’m doing my best… My best is all i can do!

Woman: Ya, but all you did was get out of BED!

Caption: We LOVE our Caregivers… With out them our beds would never be made.

Ode To The Caregiver

Ode to the Caregiver – Without you, I would not know where my lost sock is.

Ode to the Caregiver – You drug me up and make sure each pill is in the right bottle.

Ode to the Caregiver – You can listen to my problem and talk on the phone at the same time.

Ode to the Caregiver –  You know my moods so well and you let me know which mood I’m in even when I don’t ask!

Ode to the Caregiver – Always there, and never running away to leave me alone… I MEAN never! I’m getting a little scared.

Ode to the Caregiver – Making me watch the 1990 movie Misery and replaying over and over again the scene when Annie Wilkes says…

What’s the matter? WHAT’S THE MATTER? I will tell you “what’s the matter!” I go out of my way for you! I do everything to try and make you happy. I feed you, I clean you, I dress you, and what thanks do I get? “Oh, you bought the wrong paper, Anne, I can’t write on this paper, Anne!” Well, I’ll get your stupid paper but you just better start showing me a little appreciation around here, Mr. MAN!”

Ode to the Caregiver – without your love we would be in a big heap of dog dung!

Thank you for putting up with us!!  Thank you for your unconditional love!! Thank you for your compassion!!  Thank You for making our beds.


I’m not sure if I wrote this Ode in Proper English.