, there is nothing that makes me feel more worthless and just stupid than my spelling and grammar! When you read my blogs, you might not think I have a major problem.  In reality, it took me years to improve my basic writing skills.  I’m dyslectic!  That diagnosis was given me back in 1979.  Today, I think it would have been ADHD.  Reading and writing is a CHORE for me!!

Even now, my spell check has given up on me!  To understand the embarrassment and horror, you would really have to walk in my shoes…In a world powered by data and information, it’s “crucial” to express yourself clearly in the writer world.  When I was 13, my reading level was only 3rd grade. It didn’t help that while growing up, my father called me “stupid” and belittled me at every chance!  It’s no wonder I’m crazy!

I remember this one time, while he asked me to spell one word… He made me sit on a chair for 8 hours until I could spell it! Once I spelled it correctly, he made me spell it out loud over and over again… I was ten; the word “information.”

So, on top of my physical abuse I got partly due to my wild behavior…I also had the mental abuse.  Personally, I wish he would have beat me with the belt again.  At least I would not still be dealing with it now…

My wife edits all my work.  Let me tell you, it’s no small feat!  I can assure you if you find an error in my blog posts, it’s because she didn’t get a chance to edit and I hastily posted!  I’ll try to make sure she “translates” my posts before I hit publish.

Back in 1979, the team of doctors at the Massachusetts Children Hospital told my father I would have dyslexia for life.  I wouldn’t be able to read or write and my Equilibrium would prevent me from playing any sports.

My father, to his credit, went against everything the team told him to do.  He signed me up for baseball the next week…I STUNK!   I couldn’t catch the ball.  They stuck me in the outfield… (this was pee-wee ball).  The only thing I could do was HIT the ball!

Fast Forward… I’m now 39.  I’ve written a number of children’s books.  I have had my stories and poems published in newspapers. I had 4 state championship baseball trophies from my youth leagues.

Is it a huge success??  To me, yes!!  I’ve done what I was told over and over again, I could “NEVER” do.

In my new post, I’ll share one of my stories called: Guppy Goop & The Adventure of the Big Bad Fish.