mental health cartoonist for psych-central: chato b stewart

Last night for the VERY first time in my life, here in Chicago “celebrating” the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance’s 25th year of peer support, I did STAND-UP comedy!!!.

I want to thank David Granirer from Stand-Up for Mental Health for giving me a chance to bomb.  I had 24 hours to write a set of jokes about living with mental health.  All the other students had a three month course that Dave does with them to work out their jokes. I will be taking that next year, so i kind of did it backwards.  I hope I can raise enough money to go to next year’s DBSA conference so I can be in the Stand-Up show again.

Well, here is the audio from my performance last night.  When i get the video I’ll post it… That will be a few weeks.

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