Racism In White America: Is Christianity To Blame?

(Note: This is meant to be an overview, not a concise historical account of racism throughout history. It is meant to inspire people to do their own research.)

American exceptionalism has never been just a political claim. The pernicious idea that America was an inherently great country stems from another root of exceptionalism -- that of being chosen by God. Over half of America claims to be a 'Christian'. But, to make this claim...


Is the Coronavirus a Symbol of American Cultural Extremism?

It's too easy to dismiss the coronavirus as just a simple hysterical event.

However, I also think its important to define what is meant when using such an inflammatory label. According to Wikipedia, the definition refers to mass events that tend to be responded to in an emotionally irrational way. From ghost-town grocery stores to binge-watching TikTok in self-isolation, its safe to say there have been some moments of social hysteria. Hysteria can also emerge out of fashion...

Group Behavior

Does Toxic Masculinity Really Exist?

Toxic masculinity, as a social phenomenon, makes sense. Let me explain. When ideologies about gender-based rules by which people live by - the practices themselves crystallize into anticipated stereotypes. But, to understand toxic masculinity, we also have to understand the nature and history of...

Human Behavior

The Perpetually Missing Child

Why Society Has Been Silencing Children We've all heard the all too overused phrase, "Oh, stop acting like a child!" Or "I wish you would just grow up!" Both of these phrases expose something hiding in plain sight -- society does not know what to do with children. And, it never has.

History has never really known what to do with children. Long ago, during the hunter-gatherer societies-depending on the practices and...


Do We Need The Ego, Or Should We Destroy It?

Nan-In was a 19th-century Zen Master Japanese invited a University professor over for tea one day who was seeking more information on the nature of Zen.

As he was pouring the tea, he kept pouring and pouring until the professor retorted, “It is overfull. No more will go in!” and Nan-In responded to the professor, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. "How can I show you Zen unless you first empty...