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Stupid Things Ruin the Best of Plans

This is an unapologetic fluff piece. I’ve been working on two meaty pieces, I’m not going to conclude either one today, and I’m a day late already. I’m losing my grip on the reins here, and it’s time to talk about why that is.

Number one, I have a day job. You didn’t think I made my living blogging, did you? If only that were true. While everyone else is losing jobs, I’m busier than ever. A few weeks ago I was complaining about missing out on the national summer vacation. My first adequate paycheck in months hit the bank yesterday, and with all the job carnage around me, I’m not complaining anymore. That said, I have 2 Environmental Assessments due tomorrow and can’t put them off any longer. Plus, the Canadian border is closed for another month, so it’s not like I was going to be able to run off on a bike tour any time soon anyway.

Number two, I’m burned out. This has been an eventful few weeks, and I think we’re all a bit combat fatigued. I admit it’s total privilege that I can even think about taking a rest. There are people for whom this is a fight for their very lives, and it would be disrespectful to pretend they’re not far more tired than I am, with no rest in sight. At least while I’m down, I’m reading White Fragility and learning a ton from it, so when I rally my energy, I can do better. Meanwhile, maybe you’re ready for something light too.

Number three, I had a stupid thing happen last night that stole some of today’s spoons before I even got up. I recently started fixating on the word “ignominious,” and this is a very ignominious thing—something beneath my dignity. As a blogger on invisible disability, it’s my job to share these things to validate your ignominious moments—those stupid things that happen to make a bad situation worse.

At my house, I close the food court at 8 PM. No food after Last Snack. This keeps me from having late-night heartburn and/or acid reflux. If you go to bed with an empty stomach, you can’t be woken up by a pizza working its way back up at 3 AM. The American tradition is to take Nexium and keep eating right up to bedtime, but I’m on enough pills, thank you. This is an easily preventable problem.

My last food item at night is a piece of fruit, usually an orange. I was kicking myself for running out of local strawberries, which are available for about 3 weeks, and I typically chow down a pint a day while they’re in their impossibly short season. I sighed and reached for an orange that had been in the fridge a while.

You know the stringy white things between the peel and the orange segment, that you strip off with varying degrees of care, because they don’t really hurt anything but they’re kind of icky? Well, one of those got stuck in the back of my throat, on the part of your tongue you press to induce vomiting. I gagged uncontrollably while I tried to dislodge it. First with water, then by swiping my toothbrush across the back of my throat. Somehow, through all this, I did not vomit.

The stringy thing went down to the point where I could still feel it but it wasn’t making me gag. It was also too far down to reach with anything, so I resorted to eating things of various textures to try to scrape it down. First some heavy whole-grain chips for coarse, then taffy candy for sticky. “Hearty Morning Fiber” Cereal for coarse again. All washed down with lots of water.

I gave up. It was driving me crazy, but I couldn’t keep shoveling down food before bed either. By now it was 9:30. At 10:30 I took a CBD capsule to help me sleep. It stuck to the stringy thing. I coughed and coughed, and drank more water.

I woke up on the hour needing to use the bathroom. At my house, that means going down 7 steep steps and back up again, so you wake all the way up. Some time around 3, I noticed that my throat was finally clear.

Today I have a headache and sore throat, and my stomach feels off from eating too late last night.

Even when we follow our careful routines and do everything right, stupid stuff can happen to derail our plans. Please, help me feel better and tell me what stupid stuff has happened to you.

Stupid Things Ruin the Best of Plans

Kristin Noreen

Kristin Noreen lives in Bellingham, Washington with two cats and her vintage touring bicycle, Silver. Her triple passions are animal rescue, long-distance bike touring, and writing. Her book, On Silver Wings: A Life Reconstructed, is about reinventing her life following a catastrophic injury.

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