The Bike Trip Diaries: Episode 1—Moving to Plan E

Eve, of Free Spirit Spheres

Dear Readers, if you didn’t know this about me already, what drives me is my annual summer bike trip. Oh, I don’t usually take just one, I go on lots of 3-and 4-day jaunts, but my annual loop of the Coast Cariboo Trail is my touchstone.

It started after my rehab. My goal, which I set while still on the ventilator, was to ride my bike to Free Spirit Spheres...


Support Networks: A Must For Us

There’s been a lot of buzz about loneliness lately on news and social media. A great deal of importance is placed on “IRL” (in real life) support networks. For people with invisible disabilities, support networks are even more important.

Here’s a point of intersectionality—I’m single and live with no other humans, and many people would consider that a increased challenge in forming a support network. I think it’s the opposite—because I live my life more in the...


Fending Off the DIY Power Squad: When It’s Not So Easy For You

My local radio station has a Facebook page and they often run memes with cute questions about your opinions, like “Overhand or Underhand?” with a photo of a toilet paper roll, or related to holidays, like “
Where are you spending the 4th?” Recently they had one that asked, “What can’t you do that other people think is easy?” This one made me feel a little isolated, because there are so many things on that list, but...


CSA: A Game Changer

You know those bins of organic produce that people have delivered from farms? You get a random assortment of what’s in season, along with recipes for vegetables that might be less familiar. I used to see those bins delivered to my coworkers and I was so jealous. I always wanted my own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but the bins were so big, they were designed for at least couples if not big families. After losing my...


Walk-Standing: The Ultimate Tear-Down Activity

Some of you remember back to one of my first posts, about Build-up and Tear-down activity. Here’s a link in case you didn’t catch that one. 

I just had an insight this week about the worst tear-down activity of all:  what I call walk-standing. It’s that cowlike way of moving through, for example, street festivals—you stop at each booth, often chatting with someone until you’re profoundly uncomfortable, then move on slowly until you stop again. Sometimes...


Taming the Expectation Monster

Image from Sarah Richter Art

Friends, I’m tired. Not just tired, I’m bone-weary exhausted. Yesterday I had a 13-hour day out. I did a site visit for work, which always involves a lot of trekking around, but you will see why this one was especially exhausting. During this day, I drove 212 miles and rode another 150 in a truck after joining a colleague in Seattle. I had to haul myself into the passenger...


Even Bloggers Get the Blues

Readers, this has been kind of a bummer week. Last week I posted about ableism at VegExpo, and how I aggravated an existing injury by attending the event. I was kind of riding high on my righteous indignation and that carried me for a few days.

Then a few more days went by and my knee didn’t improve much. I did my therapy exercises and finally took off on a short, flat bike ride to give it...


Ableism at VegExpo

After all my talk of taking self-care on the road, I had to do it for real this last weekend. Some of you know I’ve been “down” for about 8 months, having severely injured my knee back in September. Thanks to some excellent physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture, I’ve been coming back slowly and trying to shed the 20 pounds I packed on while I wasn’t able to move well.

Going vegan has helped with that, but...


Self-Care III: Taking it On the Road

I love all the ideas and stories that poured in from friends when I asked for your thoughts on taking self-care on the road. Such a variety of needs and so many good “life hacks” to meet them.

My favorite (or not) story came from my sister, who travels often for business and has to bring ice packs to use at night. Hotel freezers are usually just a shallow compartment good for one tray of ice cubes. Kathy...


Finding Time for Self-Care in a Demanding World

My other sister furnished the idea for today’s post, the one who belongs solidly in my audience. Kathy has struggled with fibromyalgia for decades. She agreed with last week’s post about how our self-care is not a luxury, but noted that it’s not just a matter of justifying it, it’s often a matter of making time for it when other demands compete for your time and attention. I don’t have children, so if you do and would...

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