Perfectly Hidden Depression

Three Stories of How Perfectionism and Depression Got Way Too Close To Suicide

Do you believe that suicide is predictable?

It's not sadly, and tragically. Suicidal thoughts can be part of your neighbor's everyday life -- your professor's daily existence -- or your boss's regular mental fare. And you might never know it.

And if you're perfectionistic or afraid of mental illness stigma, then the chance is even less likely that you will reveal how you actually feel or think.

Perfectly Hidden Depression

Five Ways To Heal From The Disease of Perfectionism

I announced last week that I'm writing a book on Perfectly Hidden Depression. And this week, I had the ultimate honor of speaking with Dr. Gordon Flett, a leading Canadian psychologist and author, and  an expert on perfectionism.

I didn't know what to expect. I haven't talked to too many people who've written a textbook on abnormal psychology before and I was nervous. But I'd read some of what he had to say, and knew his ideas on Perfectly Hidden Depression ® would be...

Perfectly Hidden Depression

There’s No Need to Look Perfect. How to Teach Kids About Vulnerability

What are we teaching our kids about revealing vulnerability? What questions should you be asking yourself and your kids? Do they struggle with the need to look perfect?

There are many current studies highlighting an international rise of depression and suicide. It's grown to be a rampant issue -- one that is more and more likely to affect your life, or the lives of those you love, including your children. Whether or not it's because of the well-documented rise of depression with increased...

Perfectly Hidden Depression

When Depression Doesn’t Always Look Like Depression

Sometimes the simplest of things get missed, until you see. Then you can't help but see. It's so obvious.

Depression doesn't always look like depression. It's one of the reasons I'm so passionate about identifying Perfectly Hidden Depression (PHD) ® as a syndrome that masks depression. You may not see PHD in your partner. You may not see it in your friend. You may not even see it in your child.

And that can have tragic consequences.

Perfectly Hidden Depression

Revealing Mental Illness. This Is My Brave and My Own Story

There's a movement afloat. And that movement is about revealing whatever struggles you're having mentally and emotionally. Celebrities are coming out and talking about everything from postpartum depression to panic attacks. Yet those who experience Perfectly Hidden Depression (PHD)® may be the last to join that bandwagon. Their whole existence is geared toward hiding vulnerability and attempting to create a perfect-looking existence.

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