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with Sam Garanzini, LMFT & Alapaki Yee, LMFT

Communication Styles

How To Stop Letting People Walk All Over You

Wouldn’t it be great if people had greater respect for your boundaries?

Jim recently took our Communication Style quiz and found his style is that of the “The Connector,” meaning he is highly perceptive of the needs and emotions of others — almost to a fault.

He’s a people-pleaser, which has been getting him into trouble. Too often, he ignores his own needs to make sure others are happy.


Why is it easy to be SO “easy”?

The topic of “hooking up” is a very charged topic for people that can touch on sensitive topics such as a person’s past experiences, feelings, and even pain. When the issue was posted on the Gay Couples Institute’s Facebook page, it garnered over 100 responses in 24 hours and continues to engage people.

Let me tell you a story about Lisa, Herman, and Gabriel…

Communication Styles

Top Mindsets That Make Us Feel Lonely

Have you ever been in a relationship but felt alienated, alone, or forgotten? Ever wonder about how your mindset impacts why you feel lonely?

Derrick and Beau are just beginning their relationship. Beau has been in fewer relationships than Derrick and he feels like this one will be just like the others and he will end up feeling alone.


Turning Disconnection into Connection

While we might seem tuned into each other through social media, text, email, phone, video conferencing and even in person, we remain a relatively disconnected society. Our primary relationships are no exception to this rule.

Lisbeth and Angel admit enjoying learning about one another and the excitement at the start of a relationship. They both realize this has faded over time. What once was exciting to each of them, has now become more mundane. How Lisbeth and...

Communication Styles

Is Your Communication Style Actually Ruining Your Relationship?

Communication definitely has the power to make or break a relationship. For many, it’s the gauge for a relationship’s health and wellness.

Rebekah and Jolece, a lesbian couple, have been together for 5 years. In the beginning, they spent a lot of time together, but over the past month, Jolece has become more distant. They still say their good nights and goodbyes with the occasional “I love you,” but there’s no substance in their talks.