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What Do Chronic Fatigue, Mild Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Have in Common?

These are difficult conditions to deal with and most men don’t even want to admit they have these problems. But that’s the first step, and the second step is understanding how chronic fatigue, mild depression and erectile dysfunction can be alleviated by learning to work with our physiology. 

Our nervous system

Our autonomic nervous systems has two branches, one is responsible for revving us up—that’s our sympathetic branch—and one is responsible for helping us calm down—that’s our parasympathetic branch. One is used when we engage in strenuous physical activity (sympathetic), the other is used when we are resting (parasympathetic).

When people suffer from chronic fatigue, mild depression or erectile dysfunction they are likely to rev themselves up. You might think that chronic fatigue and mild depression would be depleted states – and outwardly they may look that way – but internally the person is usually dealing with high levels of anxiety and incessant internal dialogue—both of which rev up their nervous systems.

Most therapeutic interventions for people dealing with these challenges include helping the individual learn self-soothing practices so that they can calm themselves. It’s a natural tendency we have to help people calm down when they are anxious.

The problem with this approach is that it is physiologically very difficult to go from a state of high arousal (sympathetic) to low arousal (parasympathetic) unless the journey includes some way to discharge the energy that has built up in the system.

NLP Model

In the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) there is an advanced model known as the physiology map. The map has four quadrants. What follows is a brief overview. If you want to learn more read this article.

  • Wind: peaceful, self-contained, unattached and passive
  • Earth: stable, responsive, carefree and cheerful
  • Fire: active, angry, excited, blaming and impulsive
  • Water: anxious, reserved, pessimistic and quiet

When we are in “Water,” which is where chronic fatigue, mild depression and erectile dysfunction occur, we may desire to shift to “Wind” so that we experience peace, but, realistically, to get into “Wind” requires us to go through “Fire.” We must find ways to express the energy that builds up in our systems. The key to being successful is finding an appropriate form of expression.

Each person must find for him or herself the appropriate form of expression. The expression may vary depending on whether someone is dealing with chronic fatigue, mild depression, or erectile dysfunction—but in all cases they must express and release their pent up energy, not simply try to soothe it away.

Chronic Fatigue

People with chronic fatigue are exhausted in part because anxiety consumes a great deal of energy. Although it looks desirable to calm oneself and seek out peaceful states, it may be necessary to discharge some of their built up energy. That requires going through “Fire.”

Mild Depression

People with mild depression have a tendency to have a lot of internal dialogue, mostly self-critical. Too much self-reflection can result in getting caught in a downward spiral. That cycle is broken as they learn to step into “Fire” and find healthy ways to express their pessimism, despair and regrets.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men with erectile dysfunction don’t need to calm their nervous systems as much as they need to become comfortable with outward expression of their feelings, which requires moving into “Fire.”

If you want to learn more about this NLP model and a few ways that people can move into “Fire,” please watch this webinar: “Moving From Anxiety to Peace“.

What Do Chronic Fatigue, Mild Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Have in Common?

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