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The Best Way To Respond To Trump’s Victory

There is a risk that people who objected to Donald Trump will now behave like Donald Trump. That would be a mistake.

We have a choice

Donald Trump has become president-elect, and I want to remind all of us that we don’t always determine what happens in our lives, but we do always have a choice in terms of how we respond.

Personally, I sadden myself that Mr. Trump won the election, mostly because it felt to me like a divisive message that he preached. I concern myself when people, or groups of people are pitted against other groups in ugly ways.

But if I live according to that statement—that I don’t like divisiveness—then I want to be careful that I don’t now villainize  Mr. Trump and the people who supported him. To do so would be behaving in the ways I have been critical of Mr. Trump for behaving.

A time to listen

Instead, I want to recognize that Mr. Trump and his followers have their point of view. And what we saw last night are people speaking up, people who feel like they have not been witnessed or acknowledged. When people are not heard or witnessed they speak louder, start yelling, do what they need to do to be heard.

We have a choice. If we meet their force with force, we may create a crisis. If instead, we meet their force with the power of presence, listen to them, understand their concerns and point of view—without abandoning ours—we will make progress. To learn about the difference between the power of force and the power of presence join this free i-Workshop.

Let’s hope for Mr. Trump’s better nature

Finally, I believe that most men, not all, rise to the power of the Presidency and that it brings out their better nature. Yes, I know we can think of exceptions, but in general, over the past 200 years, the office has helped many who held it become better people. I hope that is true for Mr. Trump.

The sun rose today, the sky is blue and it looks like a beautiful day in New Mexico.

The Best Way To Respond To Trump’s Victory



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