A New Therapy is Born

A new “therapy” was launched in January of 2018. The results have been extraordinary for the first fifty participants. This “therapy” doesn’t even have a name yet. It was introduced through a 21-day course called, Thrilled To Be Alive.


Live An Inspired Life

Why aren't we living the life we want to be living? What's it take to live an inspired life? We learned a lot about this when we were inspired to sell our house in Santa Fe and move to Hawaii. Pure inspiration. So we did it and then we were unhappy. Why didn’t our inspiration continue? What happened?


The Fastest Way To Grow Up

As infants, when we want something, we cry. As adolescents when we want something we rebel, sulk, or just keep asking. As adults when we want something we negotiate or fight.

All of these behaviors are ways of exercising our power in an attempt to get what we want. But there is a better way . . . we can learn to embody the power of presence.


How To Best Cope With The Holidays: Don’t Go Home

What would happen if you chose to create your own holiday this year and didn’t go home to your family? After all a “holiday” is supposed to be a festive time of no work.

Does going home to your family of origin feel like a festive affair to you? Does it feel like “no work,” or is it actually a lot of work? If it feels like a lot of work, you’re not alone. Many people feel anxious or depressed around the holidays.