The Sandwich Generation: Navigating Between Parents and Kids

According to the Pew Research Center, just over one of every eight Americans aged 40 to 60 is sandwiched between raising a child and caring for a parent. For many it is more than one child and more than one parent. Men and women are both members, although the caregivers are predominantly women

This means that members of the sandwiched generation are very often caught between the needs of their 12-year-old soccer star stressing on...


Mindfulness in the Workplace: The Pause that Refreshes

We may be unable to change our job or the workplace environment but we can change our response to it. Mindfulness is particularly relevant because to be mindful is to pause, observe and own your present moment. Drawing upon Coco-Cola’s famous slogan from 1929 - It can be the new pause that refreshes.

Initiated by a deep breath, the pause might offer a self-soothing mantra like “Relax- You Know Who You Are!” or a private boost of “ Bring it On.” It may be a...