Would You Take a Risk to Improve Happiness?

Research on how to enhance happiness examines the traits, attitudes and behaviors of those people who are found to be happy on screening and assessment measures.

A  study finds that people who enjoy taking risks may be more content and satisfied with their lives than those who play it safe.

It seems that activities that may initially cause us to feel uncertainty and discomfort are actually associated with some of the most memorable and enjoyable life experiences.

Whether it is...


A Father’s Gift That Keeps Giving: Sharing Your Story

Few fathers or father figures would disagree that the real gifts of Father’s Day are their children- whom they love, carry, care for, play with, worry about, mentor, affirm, argue with, laugh, cry, admire and often marry off.

In his well-researched book, Do Fathers Matter? Paul Raeburn reports what has been scientifically overlooked but emotionally experienced - FATHERS MATTER and their children matter to them.
Fathers may want to reciprocate for any expression of love and appreciation they get on Father’s Day with...


In The Aftermath of Suicide: The Question WHY?

Suicide is tragic and complicated loss that takes the lives of too many.

Suicide is dangerously high in this country .The annual  suicide rate increased 24% between 1999 and 2014, from to  suicides per 100,000 people, the highest rate recorded in 28 years. For every suicide, people are left behind trying to cope with traumatic loss. They include spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends and relatives.

When the person is a celebrity or a known person in the media, as in...


Relationship Advice: Sometimes Silence in Golden

Whether you have just begun dating or you are celebrating a Golden Anniversary, most partners are aware that communication is a crucial component in relationship happiness and satisfaction. Most self-help books extol it, and most experts working with couples encourage and facilitate improved communication.



Warning Signs You Overlook in An Addictive Relationship

There is a striking comparison between the DSM-V Diagnosis of Substance Dependence, a synonym for addiction, and the patterns of use, impairment, increased tolerance, and withdrawal found in addictive relating.

As with other addictions, it is difficult to self-reflect and recognize the dependence trap when you are in it. Here are warning signs that you may overlook if you are in an addictive relationship.

The person you are with was magical when you met. She/he is the...