Family Sharing vs. Family Secrets

When it comes to families, it is not what happens that levels the greatest blow-it’s not talking about what happens.

Be it loss, traumatic events, or illness etc., research suggests that stress reactions to painful life events are buffered by networks of support. The family...


Does Getting Older Make Us Happier? It’s Complicated

While most sixteen year olds want to be eighteen, how many 45 year olds want to be 65?

Research has increasingly found happiness to be a function of many dimensions. One of them happens to be age; but it is more complicated than we might think. The progression in age does not make us more happy or unhappy in a linear way.

The U-Bend of Happiness

The surprising finding is that people increase in happiness until around...


Coping in the Face of Deadly Violence: The Vegas Shooting

The Vegas Shooting that took the lives of 59 people and wounded 527 others is the deadliest shooting incident in modern American history. It is a tragic and violent event.

As we shockingly take stock of this horrific event, we once again dare to imagine the pain of the families, the suffering of those wounded and the echoes of fear and horror triggered in so many who have faced violence and tragedy. In the face of such...

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