“The Hum of Fear” – The invisible Legacy carried by Black Americans

In her powerful and moving book, Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore draws upon the death of her own child and decades of working with individuals, families and communities to help those in pain learn to bear the grief. One theme she validates is the ongoing terror of it happening again – “ the hum of fear.”

For Black Americans, “the hum of fear” that another child will die, another black life will be taken, persists...


Why Do Moms Serve as Tracking Devices?

No matter the size of a family, its location or the ages of the children, the inquiry about lost items is usually made to us - the mothers.

“Mom I can’t find my other shoe.”

“Where is my Batman?”

“ I don’t know where my book is – I have to read it for the test.”

Sound Familiar?

While not intended, the inquiries can often sound like accusations.  We usually ignore that because we believe that when our children are searching...


Your Garden: A Safe Place for Mind, Body and Spirit

In a recent phone survey on the effects of  Corona Virus on New Yorkers by Sienna College Research Institute, an interviewer reported an older woman saying that the only good thing about her day was “ venturing outside and seeing a single flower blooming.”

In this unthinkable time of the Corona Pandemic, one safe place is being in nature – in your garden. Whether it is tending a potted plant, planting vegetables or just sitting near the daffodils and watching birds – you are...


From Childhood to Adult Life – Understanding The Transgender Journey

The coming out of Caityn Jenner, a Woman of the Year 2015, brought recognition of transgender people into the public eye. With media reminders of the transitions of Christine Jorgenson, Judge Phyllis Frye, Chaz Bono, as well as award winning shows like Transparent and the powerful film The Danish Girl, there is an increasing sense that being transgender is being acknowledged as “ part of the human condition”(lore , PhD). The 2020 documentary My Name is Violeta, based on the young daughter of...