Recognizing the Increase in Teen Suicide and Recognizing the Sources of Prevention

It is difficult to look too closely at what baffles and terrifies us—increasing teen suicide is one of those realities.

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death in the for young people between the ages or 10 and 24 years.
The National Institute of Mental Health believes that there may be as many as 25 attempted suicides for every teen who dies by suicide.

Females make more attempts; but young males die more often by suicide, most likely because of their...


Keep Your Pot From Spilling Over: Manage Good Stress – Moderate Excessive Stress

One of the things we rarely talk about is our need for stress.

You know -the adrenaline rush that makes life interesting –the race to make the express train, the challenge of the new case, the arrival of last minute guests, the negotiations of pets and the adventure vacation…good stress

 Moderate or Good Stress

We need what moderate or good stress offers us.  When the brain perceives physical or psychological stress, it starts pumping the chemicals cortisol, epinephrine...


Clashing With Your Partner? Try Anger Management for Couples

If you are human and you are in a relationship it is inevitable that at times you will be angry with your partner. I often suggest to couples that if you never hear the neighbors fighting, it probably means that they have moved or that you should call 911.

The goal in sustaining a vibrant and loving relationship is not to prevent authentic differences, feelings and disagreements but to express them in a way that does not escalate into anger that threatens the emotional or physical well-being of either partner.

Complying at all times, fear of making waves, hiding resentments, or equating every disagreement to the inevitable break-up is emotionally exhausting and anxiety producing. If it is not safe to be angry in a relationship – it is not a safe relationship.

Stephen Mitchell, author of