2 thoughts on “Forget About Time – Manage Your Energy!

  • October 10, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    A really nice summary of a better approach. Perhaps not news, but reframed well, so as to be able to sell it to those in control of work flow.A number of friends and I survived in stressful jobs where we were expected to be available constantly – to anyone calling, to any superior with a demand, while seeing to it that all paperwork was done,and all the people we supervised had our support 100% of the time, all while making sophisticated legal decisions. And most often while working late (=s missing seeing family or friends, eating well, resting), and missing a formally separated lunch time. Stress unbelievable. The only saving grace was in the 1st sentence- we formed friednships. But when I look back ( being retired)I feel outraged. I do remember going to a time management seminar… which was useless.Sorry for the tangent: the concept is spot on – it’s about how you nurture habits that increase energy.

  • February 28, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    I think that managing energy instead of time is a brilliant idea. I used to try to live my life according to timetables but I failed. It was really hard to estimate how long every task will take and I was often forgetting to include other activities such as preparing food. I was falling behind with my plan and felt terrible. Any unpredicted event was unpleasant. And any spontaneity was out of question. So I switched to to-do lits and then to Kanban board. There’s no itinerary in Kanban boards, completed tasks are what count. (You can check read more about them for example here: http://kanbantool.com/kanban-library/introduction). I also try to start with tasks which are more energy consuming and urgent (obviously). I take breaks every 2-3 hours. It keep me more focused and motivated. 🙂


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